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"Moon" and "Pea" are the nicknames of the hearts behind this Interactive Giving Adventure! Their dream and mission is to travel the world, immersing themselves in culture, learning, playing, giving and loving... and then, creating children's books to tell the tales!
This website is designed to be your Passport to joining them in the process.... by following their journey, donating to the giving, or voting to make a change!


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead

Which service project should your

October - November 2014​ - Studio 52nd, Amsterdam, Netherlands


"Kids who write, perform, and produce their own plays improve their literacy skills, their oral expression, and their design and technical skills. At the same time, their self esteem soars, along with their self-knowledge and their confidence." ~Daniel Judah Sklar father of the "Playmaking Methodology"

Studio 52nd utilizes Playmaking to inspire, uplift, engage, and empower children who come from disadvantaged communities. With the partnership of professional actors, costume designers, filmmakers, musicians, and teachers, whom ALL volunteer their time and energy to the program, these kids have opportunities to imagine, create and dream big! They get to be seen and celebrated for the bright lights that they are! They get to feel loved, appreciated, and become the star of the show in their own lives. While external validation isn't the only way to uplift a child, the pride, and success of something they've dedicated their time to is surely impactful... at the very least!

Studio 52nd also offers mentorship connections for the yourth, as well as a safe, creative, and inspiring space for children to visit after school. Even if they aren't enrolled in a particular project, they may still come to support in the production.

This program is of no cost to the youth involved, and operates solely on donations. Each performance requires a specific budget, and general organizational operating costs are necessary, as well.

Our goal is to raise at least $5000 for Studio 52nd, by November 8th... and we think we can do it! We will be volunteering and supporting their upcoming production, and will take lots of photos and video to share.

How has theater, performance arts, and/or loving adult mentors and role models effected your child's life? How has it positively influenced your own? Can you imagine what impact it can have on these children? Have you ever dreamed or experienced the feeling of the applause of an audience that is there to celebrate and congratulate you for your hard work?

Youth empowerment, self-esteem building, theater, art, creativity, and the stage.... all of these are close to our hearts, and we support and believe in the vision and mission of this program. Our dear friends, Fanneke and Bas, are the Directors of this non-profit organization, and I know that they will be deeply grateful for the support. And, I know the kids will be, as well. Let's see how much we can love them together!

Read more about this project, and Donate, here: Giving Projects. And, watch the video below!
We are grateful for your support! <3

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