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Monica thrives on new and exciting experiences, as well as, simple and conscious living... which is an example of balance being at the core of her being. She loves travel, multi-cultural exchanges, performing arts, humantiarian service projects, and human empowerment through socio-emotional education. She is passionate about learning, and values every experience in her life as a golden opportunity for growth... she feels that resiliency is her superhero power!

Her family provided a beautiful foundation of inclusiveness, with open arms to friends and strangers alike. They instilled a warm sense of care and generosity, with an open door policy, always providing food and shelter to those that wanted to feel at home. Some of her favorite days include when her family let her take days off from school to travel to various cultural festivals, museums, and on camping trips around California.

She dreams of learning multiple languages, organic/urban farming practices, cooking various local cuisine, and dancing her way around the planet! She hopes to experience an exchange of personal gifts... in the format of skill, experience, and excitement for sharing life and human connection. She tends to be magnetic with children, as well as animals, and thoroughly enjoys being with both.

Monica plans to live as out loud as the world around her will allow... sharing love, laughter, and joy wherever she goes!




Join us on our Global Adventure!

Monica "Moon"

About us

Susie grew up in an environment where she was told she could do anything she dreamed of doing. Her family didn't have much money, but she was told with hard work and determination her dreams could come true. Her parents always showed her love and support, and from a very young age she learned to be courteous and treat other human beings with respect. She has always felt that her purpose in life is to protect, support, and uplift others who are less fortunate than she is, and to share a smile and love wherever she goes. 


Throughout the years, Susie has participated in and facilitated various humanitarian projects, including homeless outreach through her "Susie Backpack" project, as well as through youth mentorship, sports and arts programs.

Healthy living is her current and life-long focus; she's been educating herself and quickly adopting more earth-friendly, sustainable living practices... and she's excited to learn more while volunteering on this trip, including how to cook local cuisine!

She hopes to have the opportunity to share her varied skills that she has acquired over many years of life experience, to inspire and empower others to see and feel their own ability to support themselves!
Susie is an artist, a mechanic, a graphic designer, a Veteran, handy with contruction... and, more importantly, she is always ready for an adventure, a learning experience, to offer a smile, or to give a hug or helping hand to someone in need.


Susie "PEA"

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