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Giving Fund

As we travel the world, we will be searching for volunteer and service opportunities wherever we visit.  In fact, it's possible that a project will be the very reason for our change of direction, if we feel inspired and passionate about the cause. 

Our dream for this journey is to feel moved by experience, to share our hearts, as well as our skills, and to include everyone in the philanthropic adventure of interactive giving!

Your donations will directly support our efforts, as well as the mission of various organizations and communities in need. You will have the opportunity to not only observe our progress and experience of giving through our
journal, and live map/event tracker, you may also help us choose how to spend the donated funds by voting on our "Giving Projects" page. You will have the unique opportunity to see your donation in action, and feel the gratitude of the communities it will benefit and support!

We will be setting a new fundraising goal every couple of months, or as the need arises. You can track the deadlines and goals in the donation box to the right. Please share this dream with others, if you feel inspired. We appreciate all of your support!

With Love and Gratitude,
Moon and Pea


Please Note:
The fees "Donated" in the box to the right is a total of all funds raised, for all programs. We cannot clear this amount, even when funds have been allocated to past projects. We will create a new goal per project that reflects the difference between the need and the previous donated amount. Thank you! Please
Contact Us if you have any questions! 


*Donations made to "Moon and Pea" are not tax-deductible because you are not giving directly to a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization with a government issued EIN Tax ID #. We advise you consult your own tax adviser on giving on has a goal to be a mission driven social venture. 

How much of each donation goes to Moon and Pea, and communities served?

The total amount raised, minus the PayPal processing fee (typically 2.9% + a $.30 transaction fee). 


Thank you for your support!


We are grateful for your Generosity and LOVE!
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